Ensuring Success for Students Who Transfer

The Importance of Career and Professional Development
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Published: January 2024

298 pp., 6" x 9"
Language: English

Transfer students face a unique set of challenges when trying to get acclimated to their new environment. In the current transfer literature, there is an absence of career development in all its forms including career resources, career advising, career coaching/counseling, professional readiness, and job search strategizing. Ensuring Success for Students Who Transfer: The Importance of Career and Professional Development works to fill this void.

This publication presents anecdotal and data-driven evidence of career development and professional readiness being infused at various universities to offset the imperceptible career voice in current transfer literature.

Table of Contents:

Tables and Figures
Foreword – Janet L. Marling
Introduction: Redefining the Transfer Experience for Successful Career Outcomes – Heather N. Maietta and Philip D. Gardner
1) Understanding the Career Development Needs of Students Who Transfer – Heather N. Maietta and Philip D. Gardner
2) Transfer Nation: A Digital Community in Support of Transfer – Heather Adams
3) Navigating Unfamiliar Spaces: My Voice As a Student Who Transferred and a  Professional Advisor of Transfers – Priscilla Vallejo
4) A Case for Life Design: An Innovative Seminar To Foster Success for Students Who Transfer Through Career Exploration, Agency, and Readiness – Heather A. Butler and Marc C. Hunsaker
5) Career Pathways by Design: An Innovative Framework to Enhance Professional Preparation for STEM Students Who Transfer – Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon and Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
6) The Impact of Early and Integrated Career Support for Students Who Transfer – Miranda Atkinson and Rachel Allen
7) “This Sounds Just Like Me”: Higher Education-Nonprofit Partnership Offers Targeted Supports To Help Launch the Careers of Students Who Transfer – Aimée Eubanks Davis
8) UCLA’s Career Programming for Students Who Transfer – Alejandra De Alba and Heather Adams
9) Lasting Impressions: Why Immediate Support Has Long-Term Career Impact – Tasia Cerezo
10) The Impact of Forced Transfer on Students’ College Transition – Heather N. Maietta
11) Students Who Transfer and Their Utilization of Career Services: Using Big Data To Establish Connections to Student Success – Everett Weber and Philip D. Gardner
12) Adult Learners: Invisible Among Students Who Transfer – Philip D. Gardner, Heather N. Maietta, and Niki Perkins
Concluding Thoughts: Strengthening the Transfer Process by Scaling Better Practices: Collaborate on Data Collection, Co-Create With Career Services, and Drive Professional Readiness – Heather N. Maietta and Philip D. Gardner
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