Series on Special Student Populations Series

Supporting Success for LGBTQ+ Students

Tools for Inclusive Campus Practice
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Published: October 2020

112 pp., 6" x 9"
Language: English

The newest edition to the National Resource Center’s series on Special Student Populations focuses on supporting LGBTQ+ students on campus. Despite increasing visibility and acceptance in some spheres, many LGBTQ+ students continue to experience a negative climate on college campuses, presenting barriers to their academic and personal success. This volume explores the last decade of research on LGBTQ+ college students with an eye toward understanding their needs and the unique conditions related to their college success. The opening chapter offers useful definitions to help ground practitioners in the current conversation. Readers will also find examples of inclusive excellence and questions for guiding practice to promote a more inclusive learning environment not only for LGBTQ+ students but for all students on the campus.

Table of Contents:


1: Introduction

2: The State of Higher Education for LGBTQ+ Students: An Update

3: Transitioning Into Collegiate Contexts

4:Interacting in the Classroom and Throughout College

5: Exiting Collegiate Contexts

6: Concluding Thoughts for Creating Change



About the Author

Reviews & Endorsements:

"It is refreshing, as an academic, to begin reading a book on policies and practices that are clearly grounded in relevant and quality literature. This literature helps to set the tone of the book and includes material on critical knowledge concerning definitions, intersectionality of diverse identity, privilege/oppression, historical and current challenges facing LGBTQ+ students, and inclusive campus environments. The writing is accessible, yet does not belittle or demean readers who access the book with limited knowledge on the topic; it sets a solid foundation for the content that follows.....Information in this book could help school counselors and other professionals, including K–12 classroom teachers, support LGBTQ+ students as they complete secondary education and consider higher education. Further, it struck me that many of the concepts and ideas presented in Kilgo’s book could be applicable for community colleges, technical training programs, and industry.

In summary, Kilgo’s book seamlessly integrates relevant and meaningful research with practical ideas and examples. Higher education faculty, staff, and administrators will find this work valuable as they engage in courageous change strategies to better support their LGBTQ+ students."

- Teachers College Record

“Supporting Success for LGBTQ+ Students provides an accessible, smart, one-stop source for understanding research, theory, and inclusive practice. With its synthesis of the most recent work in the area and practical links to contemporary resources, this book will be useful to professionals working in college transition programs, designing inclusive instructional and out-of-class learning environments, and preparing LGBTQ+ students for life after college.”

Kristen A. Renn, Professor of Higher, Adult, & Lifelong Education, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for Student Success Research, Michigan State University