Research Reports on College Transitions Series

2017 National Survey on The First-Year Experience

Creating and Coordinating Structures to Support Student Success
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Published: July 2019

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The first-year seminar continues to be a common structure for supporting student success in higher education, yet it represents only one of many first-year programs.

With this in mind, the 2017 National Survey on The First-Year Experience marks a change from previous surveys administered by The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition by exploring a broad range of initiatives designed to support success in the first college year.

Recognizing that individual first-year programs are connected to extensive bodies of literature and practice, authors representing diverse professional networks focused on college student success contribute their voices to the analyses and presentation of results. The report includes an overview of institutional attention to the first year and the prevalence of and connections between first-year programs, a review of the results relating to selected first-year programs, and implications for practice and future research.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Dallin George Young and Jasmin K. Chung

Chapter 2: Institutional Attention to and Integration of the First-Year Experience
Jennifer R. Keup

Chapter 3: First-Year Advising
Wendy G. Troxel

Chapter 4: Common-Reading Programs
Krista M. Soria

Chapter 5: Early-Alert Programs
Stephanie M. Estrada and Jennifer A. Latino

Chapter 6: First-Year Seminars
Dallin George Young and Jason Skidmore

Chapter 7: First-Year Learning Communities
Jean M. Henscheid

Chapter 8: New-Student Orientation
Buffy Stoll Turton

Chapter 9: First-Year Residential Programs
Catherine T. Sturm, Sara Reinhardt, and Kirsten Kennedy

Chapter 10: Discussion and Implications
Michael Dial, Stephanie M. Estrada, and Dallin George Young

Methods and Characteristics of Sample
Survey Instrument
List of Institutions Participating in the 2017 National Survey on the First-Year Experience