Tim Kirkner

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Academic Advising in the First Year of College
A Guide for Families

Published in partnership with NACADA, The Global Community for Academic Advising

As the focus on college completion and gainful employment intensifies, the stakes for students entering higher education and the institutions that serve them have never been higher. Yet, new students and their families may not understand the value of an educational plan for helping them stay on track and achieve their goals. They may have even less knowledge about how to create one. This brief guide focuses on the role of academic advisors in helping students chart a course for success and suggests how parents and family members can be partners in the journey. A glossary of key terms and list of frequently asked questions help demystify the college experience and highlight the many purposes of the academic advising relationship. A particularly useful resource for the families of first-generation college students and ideal for distribution at recruitment events, orientation, or parent and family programs.

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