Christine Harrington

Christine Harrington is serving a two-year term as the Executive Director of the New Jersey Center for Student Success at the New Jersey Council of County Colleges. At the conclusion of this term, she will return to her position of Professor of Psychology at Middlesex County College.

Author's Books

Foundations for Critical Thinking

Foundations for Critical Thinking explores the landscape of critical-thinking skill development and pedagogy through foundational chapters and institutional case studies involving a range of students in diverse settings. Establishing a link between active learning and improved critical thinking encourages all higher education professionals, in whatever context, to join the ongoing conversation regarding the state of today’s college students’ critical-thinking ability. Faculty will find strategies for developing successful teaching techniques to prepare students to face the challenges of a global economy and lead creative, productive, and fulfilling lives. Staff and administrators working with students in a variety of capacities will find insights for moving critical thinking development beyond the classroom.

Paperback: 9781889271934 / $30.00