Paths to Learning

Teaching for Engagement in College
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Published: September 2014

177 pp., 6" x 9"
Language: English

Higher education institutions are more diverse than ever before, as are the students they serve. Because of this great diversity, there is no silver bullet—one approach—that will work for teaching all students in all circumstances. This book offers a succinct description of several pedagogical paths available to faculty that can actively engage all students. In addition to providing the most recent information on learning and assessment, individual chapters tackle different approaches, including critical pedagogy, contemplative pedagogy, strengths-based teaching, and cooperative/collaborative learning. While the discussion is grounded in theory, authors present examples of applying these approaches in physical and virtual learning environments. Paths to Learning is a valuable overview of engaging pedagogies for educators seeking to sharpen their teaching skills, which in turn, will help students become more confident and successful learners.

Table of Contents:

List of Figures

Foreword—Jennifer R. Keup

Chapter 1: Paths to Learning: An Introduction—Barbara F. Tobolowsky

Chapter 2: Research on Successful Learning Practices—Jillian Kinzie

Chapter 3: Historical Overview of Learning Theories—James E. Groccia, Stacey C. Nickson, Chenzi Wang, and Heather Hardin

Chapter 4: Critical Pedagogy and the Struggle for Social Change—Nana Osei-Kofi

Chapter 5: Embracing Contemplative Pedagogy in a Culturally Diverse Classroom—Laura I. Rendón and Vijay Kanagala

Chapter 6: Strengths-Oriented Teaching: Pathways to Engaged Learning—Laurie A. Schreiner

Chapter 7: Interactive Group Learning—James E. Groccia, Emad A. Ismail, and S. Raj Chaudhury

Chapter 8: Engaging Students in Online Environments—Amy Collier

Chapter 9: Assessment of Classroom Learning—Wendy G. Troxel

Chapter 10: Summary and Conclusion—Barbara F. Tobolowsky


About the Contributors

Reviews & Endorsements:

“Whether a novice college instructor or an experienced professor, teaching face-to-face or online, at a community college or university, Paths to Learning is a handy source for acquainting, or re-acquainting, readers with theoretical approaches and current understandings on the importance of engagement in the learning process.”

Beverly L. Bower, Director, Bill J. Priest Center for Community College Education, University of North Texas