The First-Year Experience Monograph Series Series

International Perspectives on the First-Year Experience in Higher Education

Edited by Denis Calderon and Diane Nutt
Paperback: 9781889271668 / $40.00
Published: May 2009

140 pp., 8.5" x 11"
Language: English

Published in in partnership with Teesside University, United Kingdom

Students around the globe have unique first-year experiences but struggle with many of the same challenges. This monograph focuses on their journeys and provides insights for educators interested in learning about how institutions across the globe provide supports to students dealing with first-year transition issues. Based on the successful Exploring the Evidence monograph series, Nutt and Calderon present the inaugural collection of international first-year initiatives, demonstrating the portability and adaptability of these strategies in a variety of institutional contexts. Cases from a dozen different countries touch on a wide range of topics, including: academic advising and support, early-warning systems for at-risk students, first-year seminars, learning communities, orientation or induction, peer mentoring, retention initiatives, self-regulated learning, and supplemental instruction.

Table of Contents:

Foreword—Jennifer R. Keup & Tracy L. Skipper
The First-Year Experience: An International Perspective –Diane Nutt & Denis Calderon
Overview of Countries—Denis Calderon, Diane Nutt, & Associates

Uni-Start: Student-Led “Transition to Study” Workshops, The University of Newcastle

Enhancing Performance: The Effectiveness of a Faculty of Fine Arts Peer Mentoring Program, York University, Toronto

Retention Support Officers: Support for Students in Context, Teesside University
Peer Assisted Study Sessions: Personalizing the Learning Experience, The University of Manchester
Exploring the Use of E-portfolios and Blogs to Support the Transition Into Higher Education for Foundation Degree Students, University of Wolverhampton

Developing Peer-Support Skills in Students, Kansai University

The First-Year Seminar, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah University

New Zealand
Holistic Intervention Program for At-risk Students, Auckland University of Technology
Peer-Assisted Transition and Induction for First-Time Entering Undergraduates, The University of Auckland

Northern Ireland
Enhancing Social Interaction Among Students and Staff Through the Use of Residential Events During Induction, University of Ulster

Promoting First-Year Students’ Learning Strategies Through Instructional Narratives, University of Minho

South Africa
The First-Year Academy: An Institution-Wide Initiative to Foster Student Success, Stellenbosch University

The SciTech Model: From First Year to Career, Uppsala University

United States of America
Assessing Student Learning in Freshman Inquiry, Portland State University
The Efficacy of a Coordinated, Multilayered First-Year Experience Program, Purdue University

Faculty Advice Shops, University of Glamorgan

Conclusion—Diane Nutt & Denis Calderon
Glossary of Terms
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